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Flatpack Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions
Flatpack Assembly - Frequently Asked Questions, click here
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Which stores you shop at?

We shop at the North-West London (Primarily - Wembley) and North London store (Secondary - Tottenham / Edmonton), if required.

Can I place an order over the phone?

No, We request you to create a shopping list and emial it to us. It helps us to help you by avoiding order confusions and to provide the most efficient service.

What does shopping list includes?

Shopping list provides the accurate product details, such as:

Shopping-List 1. Product name with brief description
2. Size, Color and Cost
3. Part Number (Unique product identification number)
4. Location (Item pickup point in the store)

How to create an shopping list?

To creating a shopping list, visit retailers website & find out the item you want to buy.
Ensure the product details are correct and save to a list. Follow the same steps until you have finish creating your shopping list. Finally get it emailed to yourself and a copy to us at directly from the website.

For step-by-step (slide show) guide to create shopping list, click here.

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How soon can you deliver?

Most collection, delivery and assembly order are done within 2-3 days (except for the weekends), provided the items are available within the selected store.

We deliver 7 days a week, 8:00am - 5:00pm. We provide this flexible service at normal hourly rates.

What if the item I ordered is out of stock or discontinued?

If you have specified an alternative choice, then we will purchase that. If not, we will notify you and endeavour to fulfil your order as soon as possible.

Can you build my flatpack's, if I order it direct?

Yes, we can assemble your flatpack furniture at a fixed cost.

Do you provide your services over the weekend and/or after office hours?

We provide flatpack delivery and assembly services 7 days a week, 7:30am onwards.

What if I live in the congestion charging zone?

As we do not enter the congestion charging zone on a daily basis, the charge will be passed on the the client.

What about parking?

Any parking costs will be added on to the final bill, the client is responsible for parking fees or visitors permits.

How much room do you need to assemble the my Flat-pack furniture?

Adequate assembly space is crucial to build any flat pack furniture correctly and professionally.

Small items such as 2 drawer Malm bedside cabinets can usually be assembled in a fairly small area. You may need to consider clearing part of a room to make the necessary free space to assemble large items like Pax Sliding Wardrobes. Click here.

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Will the assembler remove the empty packaging?

No, our assembler cannot take the empty packaging with them. They will however break them down and put them out as garbage for you. We will always ensure that the work area is left in a clean and tidy condition after completing your assembly.

All Packaging is customer�s responsibility to recycle and dispose it safely.

Your local council collects waste recycling. » More »

Search your local "licensed waste disposal contractor"

If i'm already at the store, will you pick me up?

Yes, we will pick you up from any of the stores we service, provided we are assembling your furniture.

Will you remove shoes on carpeted areas?

No. Due to safety reasons, we must wear protective shoes at all times. If you are concerned about keeping your carpet clean, please lay down protective sheets or rugs before our arrival.

What does your Workmanship Guarantee cover?

All furniture constructed by us will be done in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions. We provides a standard 12 month guarantee of assembly workmanship from the date of assembly. This does not replace the manufacturer's warranty on the product itself.

What If I Have Questions That Are Not Answered Here?

Either call us on 0207 993 6148 or email us with your enquiry.

E-mail us your Flatpack Furniture Shopping list (inc Non-flatpack items) and get a FREE Quote today.
How to create a shopping list? » More »
How much room is required to build flatpack furniture? » More »
Furniture Design Ideas! » More »

How to create a shopping list online?

Visit the retailers website browse through and find your product.

Ensure all product details (e.g Product name, Colour, Dimensions, Cost) and Add it to a list (wish / shopping list).

Once you have completed the list, simply email it to us.