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Imagine if you didn�t have to move a muscle to fill your room with the furniture of your dreams.

Home-Office-Furniture-DeliveryWe offer a professional flatpack pickup, delivery and assembly service in London and surrounding areas.

We are passionate and committed about our service.
Our workmanship is guaranteed & we are fully insured.
We have been building Flat Pack furniture all over London since 2008 and we know how long it take to install it in One Go, hence we provide a transparent quotation up-front.

Our service means you can sit back relax and enjoy, or just to get errands done while someone pick-up your furniture, deliver and install (usually within 3 days*) - all at the same time!

E-mail us your Flatpack Furniture Shopping list (inc Non-flatpack items) and get a FREE Quote today.
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Get a Quote

dE-mail us your dFlatpack Furniture
dShopping list (inc Non-flatpack items)
dand get a FREE Quote today.
d*Shopping list includes a list of items
d& quantity with their unique part number.

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Area Covered

dAll areas within London M25 and
dsurrounding areas - London,
dWestminster, Hampstead, Chelsea,
dFulham, Islington, Kensington, Pimlico,
dPutney, Richmond, Soho,

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How it works?

d 1 - Create your Wish / Shopping list.
d 2 - Let us know by Email.
d 3 - We buy the goods on your behalf.
d 4 - We deliver and/or assemble.
d 5 - You pay us.

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How to create a shopping list online?

Visit the retailers website browse through and find your product.

Ensure all product details (e.g Product name, Colour, Dimensions, Cost) and Add it to a list (wish / shopping list).

Once you have completed the list, simply email it to us.


Why not create a shopping list and email it to us, to get a free no obligation Quote.