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Next Day Delivery and Flatpack Assembly Service


Flatpack products can be purchased from the store or can be ordered online, however for numerous reasons it is not always feasible to follow the typical shopping route.

Home-Office-Furniture-DeliveryThat is why we approach things a little differently by offering a unique personal and professional shopper service.

A service you always dreamt about! We offers an exclusive next day delivery service for home and offices in london with flexible delivery times and affordable charges.

Our dedicated collection team works according to the store opening hours (10am to 10pm, Monday to Friday) and deliveries are scheduled from 7:30 am onwards (7 days a week).

However there are some additional dependencies on offering next day delivery service (these dependencies may NOT be applicable on usual orders) as you will appreciate.

E-mail us your Flatpack Furniture Shopping list (inc Non-flatpack items) and get a FREE Quote today.
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Get a Quote

dE-mail us your dFlatpack Furniture
dShopping list (inc Non-flatpack items)
dand get a FREE Quote today.
d*Shopping list includes a list of items
d& quantity with their unique part number.

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Area Covered

dAll areas within London M25 and
dsurrounding areas - London,
dWestminster, Hampstead, Chelsea,
dFulham, Islington, Kensington, Pimlico,
dPutney, Richmond, Soho,

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How it works?

d 1 - Create your Wish / Shopping list.
d 2 - Let us know by Email.
d 3 - We buy the goods on your behalf.
d 4 - We deliver and/or assemble.
d 5 - You pay us.

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How to create a shopping list online?

Visit the retailers website browse through and find your product.

Ensure all product details (e.g Product name, Colour, Dimensions, Cost) and Add it to a list (wish / shopping list).

Once you have completed the list, simply email it to us.



Most collection, delivery and assembly order are done within 2-3 days (except for the weekends), provided the items are available in the store.

Next-day-delivery service dependencies are as follows:

assembly All orders must be finalised and deposit must be paid before 2pm.
assembly Scheduled delivery and assembly is subject to stock availability in our primary shopping store.
assembly We will confirm the delivery by send a text message, once we have managed to collect your complete order.
assembly If any item is out of stock, we will then contact you to authorise delivery without the item, unless you want us to buy an alternative item.
assembly We make 1 attempt to collect and deliver your order, multiple delivery trips will be charged.

P.S Kindly provide us your personal (not work) contact mobile number, just in case our team wants to contact you while processing your order. We might need to contact you either early morning, perhaps late evening, kindly let us know if you don�t want us to do so.

We deliver 7 days a week, 7:30am onwards. We provide this flexible service at normal hourly rates.

Why not create a shopping list and email it to us, to get a free no obligation Quote.