Top Rated Flatpack Furniture Delivery & Assembly (Handyman) Service
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Flatpack Pickup, Delivery and Assembly Service London


Ordering with us is a simple and straightforward process.
d 1 - Create your Wish / Shopping list.
d*How to create a shopping list? » More »
d 2 - Let us know by Email.
d 3 - We buy the goods on your behalf.
d 4 - We deliver and/or assemble.
d 5 - You pay us.

Flatpack Pickup Delivery Assembly Service

To avoid any confusion, we request customers create a shopping list (including non-flatpack itemsl) by visiting retailers website and email us at

furniture pickup service

Kinldy ensure to provide us your full address, mobile contact number and expected delivery date. Once we have reviewed your order details, we will then email you an accurate quote.

furniture collection service

We would require a deposit (shopping list amount) in advance to proceed with your order (We make no profit on the furniture - only our service) and secure your delivery and assembly date. For Payment methods » Click here »

flatpack delivery service

Once your funds have been approved, we will confirm it by sending you email and proceed to arrange the collection of order as soon as possible. Meantime we will keep in touch with your order progress.

flatpack collection delivery assembly service

Payment is due IN FULL at the end of the job once everything is to your satisfaction, before the final invoice to be send out.

How much room is required to build flatpack furniture? » More »
Why not create a shopping list and email it to us, to get a free no obligation Quote.