Top Rated Flatpack Furniture Delivery & Assembly (Handyman) Service
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Flatpack Collection, Delivery and Assembly Service


Imagine if you didn�t have to move a muscle to fill your room with the furniture of your dreams.flatpack-delivery

All of our fitters are fluent in building Flatpack Furniture (Do-it-yourself furniture, flat pieces packed in a box), so we can do all of this in a fraction of the time it would usually take!

We go to the store on your behalf, Buy it � Bring it and Build it. All at the same time!

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Home Delivery

dHome staging the easy way!
dSit back relax and enjoy, or just to get
derrands done while someone else
ddrive to the store, pick-up your dream
dfurniture, delivery and put it together

d More

Office Delivery

dA business wants well fitted furniture
dwithout the hassle and time-waste
dinvolved. Hiring a professional and
dexperienced fitters makes perftect
dbusiness sense

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Flatpack Assembly

dWe own a crew of experienced and
dprofessional fitters and offer a fixed
dprice flat-pack furniture assembly
dService. Assembly charges are typically
d based on �per item basis�.

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